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The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators partnered on a brand-new campaign to help raise awareness of vehicle safety innovation.

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators is joining the National Safety Council and the University of Iowa to help motorists remain safe by much better understanding their cars.

AAMVA, the organization representing motor vehicle administrators and enforcement, recently signed on to partner with the other two groups in their MyCarDoesWhat project, aimed at notifying drivers ways to use their vehicles safety includes to avoid crashes.

Cars have made incredible strides and advancement in brand-new innovation that s actually enhancing the safety of the automobile and saving lives every day. Some of them are very apparent to drivers, and some work in the background, said Ian Grossman, AAMVA s vice president of member services and public affairs. Drivers should understand and be aware of what these innovations perform in their automobile so they know finest ways to handle them and know exactly what they re doing to their automobile. When that s reliable, we re more likely to keep drivers safe and save lives.

The project, which launched in 2014, supplies details on existing and new car safety functions such as backup video cameras, antilock braking systems, blind-spot screens, and lane-departure cautions to the general public.

AAMVA s function is to engage its members, specifically the DMV leaders, in the project and offer them with the related resources through its site and conferences. For example, the association has motivated DMVs to play the campaign s PSAs in DMV waiting spaces. AAMVA President and CEO Anne Ferro stayed in a statement that, this effort fits perfectly with our members important role in making our roadways more secure.

Our collaboration with the National Security Council is an effort to try to help them get the products in the hands of our members so our members can select if they want to help disperse the products to their constituents because it is the DMVs and the Motor Vehicle Administrations that motorists and car owners have the most interaction with on a regular basis, Grossman stayed.

The multimedia educational resources included by the MyCarDoesWhat campaign consist of PSAs, videos, graphics, a game application, and a social networks platform in addition to the details brochures and documents.

Ideally what will come out of the campaign is the more motorists know the technologies in their automobiles, the more equipped they will be to either use the technology or request for the innovation the next time they are buying a vehicle so that the technologies in the vehicle will protect them and ultimately save lives, Grossman stayed.

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